MAG Russian provides human Russian and English language translators who are fully qualified and work in their mother tongue. We also match highly skilled translators to project scenarios that correspond with their area of expertise.

Business, technical, legal, literary and personal translation work that is accurate and appropriate in tone, style and content.

You can rely totally on the accuracy of the translated material we produce. You can be equally confident that the work will fit the tone and style demanded by each specific project – whether it is business, legal or personal.

Effective translation at MAG Russian begins and ends with translators who are sensitive to the subtle nuances of the English and Russian languages. Not only does this make a big difference to the reader’s appreciation of your content but it also conveys an image of consummate professionalism.

Certified, Sworn and Notarised Translations

Some business and legal translations call for formal verification of a document’s accuracy. We are fully qualified to provide this certification. We can also arrange for applicable legal counter-signatures when required e.g. with a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths.

Typical examples may include documents required for UK or Russian embassies, registry offices and similar organisations. Documents may include Russian or English birth certificates, school certificates, university diplomas, marriage and divorce certificates and passports, as well as manuals, manuscripts and a wide range of business and personal documentation.

E-mail translations

MAG Russian can even handle all your Russian-English e-mail correspondence ensuring communication is efficient and reliable.

Video and Film Subtitling

The proven MAG Russian visual media services enables clients to maximise the impact and cost-effectiveness of their videos and films by adding accurately translated sub-titles.

In addition to enhancing the commercial value of your online, exhibition or training videos, you could also benefit from our vast experience of working with TV and video production companies on a wide range of documentaries and films.

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