MAG Russian provides Russian and English language interpreters with high-level skills and experience corresponding to a wide range of scenarios

MAG Russian can provide personal interpreters of the highest calibre who can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpreting that will cut through jargon (where necessary) to deliver clear and ‘natural’ translations in Russian and English at standard conversational speeds.

Commercial Interpreting

We would be happy to discuss your particular requirements when it comes to appointing interpreters for UK and international business visits, attendance at High Courts or other legal venues, as well as for any private or social gathering.

Conference Call Interpreting

The growth in popularity of video conferencing has created a new area of expertise among MAG Russian interpreters. Talk to us about arranging interpreters to handle your conference calls via telephone or Skype in Russia and the UK to open up a new channel of effective real-time communication.

Exclusive Interpreting

Individuals may find themselves in a variety of situations that might require or can certainly be improved through the use of a qualified, sensitive and informed interpreter. Whether you are planning a special travel excursion, have a meeting with your children’s school principal or need someone on hand when you enjoy social situations with business acquaintances our interpreters will accompany you and ensure that your understanding and your experience is enhanced and the finer details are not lost in translation.

Community Interpreting

MAG Russian community interpreters help to overcome Russian language and cultural issues arising from community group communication by providing a vital tool for ethnic minority families and individuals from Russia (and Russian-speakers from former Soviet countries).

Without the help of a qualified interpreter, individuals in the UK can be vulnerable and are often at a significant disadvantage when dealing with groups such as: police forces; hospitals and doctors’ surgeries; Crown and Magistrate Courts; local councils and public organisations.

Why use a trained Community Interpreter?

Community interpreters help to provide accurate representation, equal access and cultural understanding between members of ethnic communities and statutory or voluntary organisations. In various ways, they can help to redress the balance by providing effective communication between the parties concerned.

Many service providers have a duty – often statutory – to ensure that effective communication is possible with service users. This isn’t always possible when interpreting is undertaken by family members, for example, who may translate a version of events that is inaccurate, unreliable or biased. In addition, clients may also be less willing to reveal confidential or sensitive information in these circumstances.

Professionally-trained and qualified community interpreters on the other hand are contractually bound to provide impartial and linguistically accurate interpreting whilst observing strict confidentiality at all times. MAG Russian community interpreters also have sufficient knowledge of Russia and its way of life to prevent cultural misunderstandings.

It’s worth pointing out that it is often useful to have an initial briefing with the interpreter to clarify objectives and create awareness of any relevant cultural issues before any interview with a non-English speaking client.

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